BREAKING: Trump wins Nevada Republican caucus

On Thursday night, former President Donald Trump won Nevada's Republican presidential caucus.

The race was called by the Associated Press for the former president who gained all 26 delegates in the caucus as the only major GOP candidate on the ballot.

The win in the Silver State came just hours after Trump won 75 percent of the vote of the Republican presidential caucus in the US Virgin Islands.

Even without Trump on the ballot, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley couldn’t find a path to victory in Nevada's state-run Republican presidential primary on Tuesday. The former two-term South Carolina governor lost on Tuesday in Nevada to a "none of these candidates" option by an over two-to-one margin in the GOP primary. Trump supporters couldn’t write the former president’s name, but could select "none of these candidates."

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Trump Campaign by US State Department is licensed under Creative Commons Creative Commons

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