Mystery Jeffrey Epstein ‘Statue’ Appears in Downtown Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque removed a likeness of Jeffrey Epstein from in front of the old city hall on Wednesday after residents reported seeing a “statue” of the convicted sex-offender.

What is that? Earlier in the week, concerned citizens sent photos of the bronze-painted mannequin to ABC-affiliate KOAT, the TV station reported.
  • “He had a home in New Mexico, Zorro Ranch. He was also a rapist who died in prison,” read a plaque below the mannequin.
  • The plaque also listed numerous court cases involving Epstein and his alleged victims.
  • Authorities are looking into how the mannequin appeared on city property – Mayor Tim Keller told KOAT, “There's a lot of mystery, this doesn't even make any sense."
Epstein’s crimes: Epstein, a wealthy and enigmatic financier, pleaded not guilty last year to a range of crimes involving the alleged sex trafficking and abuse of underage girls.
  • The well-connected socialite was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell in August.
  • Epstein’s death was officially ruled a suicide and medical examiners determined that he hung himself.
However,  many see Epstein’s death as shrouded in mystery, and it has spawned numerous conspiracy theories on both left and right alleging that he was murdered.

On Thursday, Epstein's alleged fixer, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire on charges of luring underage girls to be abused by him. 
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