New York City to Pack Foreign Migrants into Tent Towns

“While other leaders have abdicated their moral duty to support arriving asylum seekers, New York City refuses to do so,” Mayor Eric Adams preened Thursday.

But the needs of Americans are being shunted aside in the elite’s rush to import more migrants.

“We’re laser-focused on supporting the parents, children, and individuals who deserve compassion and support, and these centers are one piece of our work to do just that,” said Phillip Banks, the deputy mayor for public safety.
The New York Times reported on Thursday:

Last week, Mr. Adams ordered all agencies to cut their city-funded expenses by 3 percent this year. It typically costs between $135 and $190 per day to house someone in a shelter, and the bill could run into hundreds of millions of dollars. The city has asked the state and federal government for help.
Adams is not opposing the federal delivery of poor foreigners into his stressed city. Instead, he is justifying his spending on migrants as part of the 1950s “Nation of Immigrants” narrative about open borders:
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