Speaker Mike Johnson Declines to Commit to Biden Impeachment Vote

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) declined to commit to a vote on whether or not to impeach President Biden over the situation at the southern border during a June 4 press conference.

Questions were put to the speaker following reports that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) would attempt to impose a vote via privileged resolution.

“I’m not making any commitment on that this morning,” Mr. Johnson said when asked about Ms. Greene’s comments the day before. “We have to let the constitutional process and our constitutional responsibility play out.”

Ms. Greene reported on social media platform X that she had a meeting with Mr. Johnson and “told him Americans are fed up with do-nothing Republicans.”
“We need to take action: impeach Biden, pressure NY to drop its false charges against President Trump, and use the power of the purse. The clown show in DC has gone on long enough. It’s time we start putting America First!”

During the press conference, Mr. Johnson asserted that it was possible the current president has committed impeachable offenses but pointed to the importance of respecting Congress’s impeachment process. However, the speaker was clear about his personal opinion on the president.

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