Teen Actress Wears Two Face Masks When Getting Her Ears Pierced to Be Extra Safe — It Backfires

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a 16-year-old actress revealed on Monday that her attempt to take precautionary measures while getting her ears pierced did not go according to plan.

Sissy Sheridan, host of the Nickelodeon web series “DIY With Me,” shared a video to TikTok documenting the painful mishap she had when she visited an Icing by Claire’s store in Virginia on Sunday.

moral of the story. don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic

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Sheridan said she’d worn two masks just to be safe.
  • "I’m wearing two masks because one covered more than the other. The blue one didn’t cover as much, and I knew the woman [doing the piercing] would be pretty close to me," she told Buzzfeed News.
  • Unfortunately, the Icing by Claire’s employee ended up piercing one of the masks she was wearing into her ear, according to Sheridan.
Lockdown fatigue: While many, especially conservatives, have expressed frustration with coronavirus lockdowns that have shuttered businesses and generally upended life in America, Sheridan views her experience as a cautionary tale about opening up businesses too soon.
  • "In Virginia, the masks are mandatory. It’s ignorant to ask someone to take their mask off for something so minor as an ear piercing," she told Buzzfeed News, adding, "Maybe they should stop with piercings right now."
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